Royal Air Force Air Sea Rescue & Marine Craft Section

Pictures Supplied by Terry Delay

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"In response to your request for pictures, here are a few in the attachment. I was an MBC 1969-1974 at Mount Batten, Tenby, Gibraltar and Hollyhead. Before signing on in the RAF, I was in the Merchant Navy working my balls off in engine rooms. So on becoming a deck hand in Marine Craft, I thought it would be a doddle. I was in for a bit of a shock on crewing RTTL's which climbed up bloody great waves then dived off the top into bloody big holes.  My knee joints have never been the same since !!!  The boats I did enjoy were ex RN Ham Class Minesweepers 5010 and 5011 based at Mount Batten. These slow open bridge vessels it was said would roll on wet grass.   

Reading the newsletter brings a lot of the old memories back, like trying to cook a meal at sea in a RTTL or even trying to light up the stove without blowing up the boat !!!
Happy days - if I could only do it all again."
Great web site - well done.
Terry Delay