Royal Air Force Air Sea Rescue & Marine Craft Section

Anonymous Pictures, Now modified and slightly clearer.

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Here is a collection of photos relating to a guy that came from the Southampton area who
passed away recently. To my knowledge he was not a member of the ASRMCS Club and
I do not have a name for him either. He served on 1515 during the war (see photo) and
went on to serve 2626 out in the Far East towards the closing stages of this campaign.
There are some very interesting photos from the insides of the launches as well as uniform
shots showing the last patter ASR badge (woven ASR badge 1945-47) with the
British Commonwealth forces patch above it there is a photo of one base which is
81 fighter wing RAF ASR location not know, only that its in the area of Japan.

Is there anyone who recognises any of the crew members or bases?