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Does anyone know the whereabouts of Ex SAC Deckie Graham (Herbie) Dawes, Graham was on Gan 1974 75, as I was, he did an extra 3 months to do the year!  Graham than came on to 1104 MCU Bridlington for a year or so, Last known of being posted to Gibraltar probably 19777? He was called Herbie as he was into all the right ways of eating even down to eating Egg Shells of hard boiled eggs, no need for a spoon! as they contained Calcium!
Also I'd like to find Stewart Swann, Stew was also an SAC Deckie, he was on Stirling with me at Mount Batten and I believe also on Sea Otter for a while?  Stewart was an excellent Dinghy Helmsman and taught me a few things in that sport.  He always entered Plymouth week Regatta and won his class every year but one as he missed the first race due to being absent on a Yacht Delivery with Sir Robin Knox Johnson  This being arranged by an Officer at Batten at the time who had Known as Sir Robin in a previous life. I recall Stew showing me a reply he's had from Robin having informed him of his coming second, it was First isn't everything but Second is nothing. 
Stew is in the Pictures page Miscellaneous Crew of Lancaster at Falmouth 1984 if this helps?

 Robbie Cozens



Are there any members that can remember this ship when she was based in Portsmouth in 1951 as I was the ship's marine tender driver. Would love to here from any other crew members or  Club members who remember the ship.
Looking forward to hearing from you.
Kind regards,
Dave Nicholls (ex LAC MBC)



HMAFV  "Adastral"

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Received from Jim Knight by E-Mail:

By this address it appears he is down under and I am sure he would appreciate a call from any of the below or indeed "any else who knows him".

Rear L to R.  Jim Knight (me), Cpl John silman, Ray Howes, Sgt John (Panshine) Dunstall.

Front L to R. John (nipper) Cook, Cpl Bob Cave, Jack King (F/Mar)

1107 MCU Detachment at RAF Thorney Island, 1957.




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Hi webfoots everywhere.
I am the front right in the picture of the Thorney Island crew.  (Above)
Jim is indeed in the land of OZ but the email address is now changed to
Whilst mine is
Yes I got involved with radio and got licensed as G4EMC.
Now been retired for some years but have been in contact with Jim, and Chris.
Unfortunately Bob passed away a few years ago. I have not come across the others.
Maybe one day?


Bryan Stockwell has requested that if any of the following or if anyone knows of their whereabouts could they please let the
webmaster know so that he can be put in contact with them;
Does anybody know where SOAPY MBC Gan 1971 or CHIPS ESSEX MBC Gan 1971
Does anyone at Mountbatten 1968 remember soapy being tied to the emergency fire escape rope top floor, after much working
out of how close to the ground he could get before the rope was at its full length.
Didn't work well ,for soapy that is got the figures wrong, all we heard was the splat as he hit the ground, hope he has still got the
same sense of humour now.

Having just put some pictures on to web site I came across some faces from the past.  In particular Derek Sweeney who was a Marine Fitter and Derek Holloway who was an MBC both of whom served with me in Gan.  This site has seen many colleagues coming out of the woodwork do any of you know where these two are?

Barry Leech



"THEN and NOW"  
Budge Bergin in 1961               Slim Graham  (Air Radio Fitter) Seletar     Budge in 2006
John Parsons   Basra Iraq  1946 John Parsons  Puerto Banus  (Spain)  2006.   Is that a new hat???

Nick Nicholls MBC 1967-1972  still got his hands on a couple of knockers.  Served at Mt.Batt 1967. MBC course then RSL 1642
posted Bahrain Nov 1968 2761 year tour back to Mt Batt on 5010 or 5011 ?? then up to Berwick to pick up Seagull 1971 down to
and demob. I am now living in Stafford in the Midlands. 
9 Springfield Drive
, Moss Pit, Stafford, ST17 9LG Anyone who remembers me and would like to chat
please contact direct.
Owen Newland and Ken Miller at Felixstowe

How they have changed.